Baby Dwarf Hamsters – What NOT to Do



Seeing newly born baby dwarf hamsters can be a very inspirational thing. From the right perspective, they are like reminders of the miracle of life. Just imagine, a mere two weeks prior, these tiny hamsters did not exist. Like any baby animal, baby dwarfs need special care. But unlike most baby animals, they are extremely small (about the size of a quarter) so you should pay extra attention not to harm these delicate creatures. When caring for baby dwarf hamsters, it is not only important to know what to, but it is also very important to know what not to do. The smallest mistake could potentially kill one of them. Two things you should never do are handle a baby dwarf too soon or feed them anything that is not healthy, not even a drop (this even includes some foods that would have considered safe after they've grown).

The most important thing to avoid with baby dwarf hamsters is handling them too soon. If you touch a dwarf baby too soon, the mother might even eat the baby because he's been marked with your scent. Yes, just by touching a dwarf hamster baby, you could be marking him for death (I know, that sounds very dark and ominous). The mother is already confused enough having gone through the birthing process and it is already a normal occurrence for them to eat their young so you do not want to increase the odds of this happening by disturbing the babies (or the mother). You can begin to handle the babies when they are about two weeks to 16 days of age, after they've opened their eyes and have a coat of fur.

Another thing to be aware of when caring for baby dwarf hamsters is that you should be very careful what you feed them. Now you will not start to feed them until the same time you start handing them. At about two weeks of age they're able to handle solid foods. Do not feed them anything that's unhealthy. No trees, just solid, healthy foods. Foods with protein are especially good. Dwarf hamsters are already pronounce to diabetes so you do not want to endanger a baby dwarf hamster's health with anything remotely unhealthy.


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