Be Aware of Your Eating and Drinking Habits


"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want." – Ben Stein

"In order for us to have the type of real results that most people desire when they seek to make an improvement or modification in their life, we must create sustainable change … that sticks for the rest of your life" – Scott Martineau

Did you ever notice your eating habits?

Are you aware of your eating and drinking habits?

How many meals do you eat everyday?

Do you eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables?

Do you eat any vegetable at all?

Do you eat healthy fats?

Do you eat too much bread, pasta, rice …?

Do you eat refined foods or whole foods?

Do you prepare your meals yourself, at home?

It does not really matter if you cook or not, you can actually prepare quite a nice meal with just fresh vegetables, some fruits and nuts, in less than 10 minutes.

Do you prefer to buy "ready to eat" meals? Do you check the labels? Do you know what you are eating?

When eating out do you know what to order, what is most appropriate and what to avoid?

Indulge yourself with a mini portion of your favorite dish. (You can always add 30 minutes exercise today or tomorrow.)

Do you eat small portions, big portions? Do you notice how much you eat and what you eat?

I have a great idea: today we start writing a journal.

There is no better habit than writing everything you eat.

In the evening, you can check for yourself exactly what you are eating, what you should avoid and what you should change. After all, you wrote everything, nobody else.

Make a note of everything you eat; make a note of the quantities.

Do not forget the snacks and the mini meal you may have between meals. Make a note of every item you eat. Every byte counts.

Do you know what you are drinking?

Make a note of your drinking habits as well.

What do you drink, how much do you drink?

Are you drinking enough mineral water?

Are you drinking too many soft drinks?

Are you drinking too much coffee / tea?

Are you drinking too much alcohol?

Are you drinking too many sugary drinks?

No, I am definitely not your Mother, I am someone who cares. I hope you do not mind being asked many questions.

Now that everything is written, it will be much easier to see which improvements need to be made.

Get rid of the eating or drinking habit that is most destructive to your healthy nutrition plan.

One habit at a time, we can replace destructive habits with supporting habits, those that will support our best weight management.


Source by Isabelle Epstein

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