Brain Cancer Symptoms


Brain Cancer is a malignancy that can be detected and treated only with a detailed medical examination. It is not a routine ailment since in most cases it is fatal. It typically strikes when one type of the brain cell transforms and loses its normal characteristics and starts multiplying to form an abnormal mass of cells called a tumor. However, not all brain tumors are malignant. Benign brain tumors pose no threat and can be successfully removed.

The malignant brain tumors grow very aggressively and they destroy the healthy brain cells. Continuous growth of abnormal cells also increases the intracranial pressure resulting in malfunctioning of other brain organs and tissues.

There are two types of Brain Cancer. The Primary Brain Cancer originates in the brain itself and generally confines itself to the brain only. The second type is the Secondary Brain Cancer which is an extension of a cancer in some other part of the body gradually spreading to the brain.

The symptoms of brain tumor depend on the part of the brain affected ie the location of the tumor. There are numerous symptoms which if not cured by basic medication need to be examined in detail for indications of brain tumor. These are:

* Headaches – most common due to increased intracranial pressure as a result of the growing tumor.
* Nausea, Vomiting & Seizures.
* Difficulty in maintaining body balance.
* Short lapses in memory.
* Swelling in the brain.
* Weakness in the arms or legs or both.
* Poor motor functions.
* Slurring.
* Lowered eye vision.
* Spells of dizziness.
* Lack of coordination in speech and action.
* Numbness of limbs.
* Difficulty in recollecting events.
* Hallucinating.
* Persistent general weakness.
* Falling or stumbling.
* Changes in pup sizes of both eyes.
* Change in gait.
* Cognitive decline.
* Mood changes.

It is advisable to see a doctor whenever you feel you have a tumor. If you do not share your concerns with your doctor, they may not get addressed timely.


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