Busting Myths – Everything You Need to Know About How to Make Your Penis Grow


Without a doubt, there are many free resources floating about in the World Wide Web about how to make your penis grow. Some of these articles are advocating extreme options like surgery and implants. Others go completely the opposite way, referring their patrons to natural exercises and dieting. And of course, there are those that lie between the two ends of the poles. But the question is: what really works, and what does not? If you are on the look out for something really worthwhile, here are some myths and truths about penile health and improvements.

Myth # 1: There are food items that can give you a bigger and a longer Johnson.

Truth: If this statement was true, then small sized tools would not be such a big concern anymore. Unfortunately, no volume of food – no matter how many vitamins and minerals are packed in it – can make you go from hamster to Gigantor in one sitting.

There are food items that could help increase blood flow to the organ though. These can give you a slightly larger dimension by engaging your tool with more blood than usual. Such food items would include: tuna, eggs, salmon, liver, milk, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. Aphrodisiac foods like hot pepper and oyster do not really affect your libido, but they can increase your Vitamin C and zinc intake. A good healthy supply of those also helps increase blood flow to the penis.

FYI: Food items to avoid if you do not want to suffer from penile shrinkage are: very fatty foods, sugar filled deserts and pastries, salty chips, bottled drinks, and all manner of canned and processed food. These can encourage your adipose tissues to go on hyper drive. In turn, this can increase the fat deposits at the base of your penis, making your tool look smaller and more shrunken.

Myth # 2: Surgical enhancements and implants have guaranteed results.

Truth: If "results" means negative results, then this statement is true. Men who undergo surgical enhancements and penile implants have 77% chance of having erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection and even prostate cancer. At the same time, such extreme forms of improvements must be carefully maintained with regular check ups and regular intake of drugs.

FYI: Surgical male enhancement procedures are not only very risky, but very expensive as well.

Myth # 3: There are herbal remedies and natural based supplements that can give you a really big Johnson.

Truth: Again, if this statement is true, then we already have a ready solution for hamster-sized men. Unfortunately, many of these products are as effective as drinking murky water. Not only will you not get the positive results you need, but you might also be endangering your health.

FYI: if you are willing to take a risk with these supplements, try to check first if these are approved by the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration. If they are not, it would be best to gain the necessary dietary supplements like antioxidants, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and zinc from natural food.


Source by Jared D. Ingram

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