Caring for Your Pet Gerbil

by Lee Pham
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Pet owners often find out the hard way that each animal actually has a need to eat the type of food that is created specifically for it. The nutritional balance and ingredients in gerbil food is intended to provide the right nutrients for your tiny pet to remain healthy. The digestive system of each type of pet, whether small or large differs. Even humans have diverse nutritional needs depending on their genetics. Though small animals don’t live as long as your dog or cat, you probably want to be sure he lives as long and healthy a life as possible.

Though your gerbil is only a tiny pet, it is still as much of a responsibility as a cat or a dog. Your pet depends on your to provide for its needs. You have to be sure to provide plenty of clean and fresh water, a clean and comfortable living environment and food that is appropriate. Many parents think these tiny pets are a great alternative to providing their children “real” pets. Gerbils often suffer the consequences of this trainer pet mentality. Though they are still living creatures who feel pain and discomfort as acutely as any dog or cat, parents don’t often think of them in this way. Since gerbils are so small, they are fragile and prone to being crushed by small children who are not ready to handle them gently. They are often forgotten and left in unclean environments without food or water until they fade away.

Though pets are a great way to enforce the lessons in responsibility parents want to teach, there is a certain level of responsibility for the welfare of the pet that parents should remember they are responsible for. Pets of any size or shape are highly fulfilling companions that can bring much joy when they are healthy and happy and much sorrow when they suffer from problems. Choosing to purchase gerbil food for your pet will help to ensure you and your child get to enjoy the fun antics of your gerbil. Though tiny, gerbils are full of personality and are especially great at making people laugh with their tumbling and frantic use of the traditional wheel. Gerbils are high energy during active times and love to tunnel into bedding and hide when it’s quiet time. They are very small and easily misplaced if they escape so handling them is best left to older children and adults. You don’t want your little one to accidentally squish his first pet, that can turn what should be a fantastic childhood memory into a tragedy.

Be aware of how your other pets might interact with your gerbil. Cats often want to eat the tiny creatures that seem no different to your cat than a mouse might. You will want to make sure your gerbil is not only given the basics such as gerbil food, fresh water, and a clean and spacious habitat; but also safety and protection from outside dangers.


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