Cat Health – How to Tackle Hair Loss in Cats


Cat care means a full belly, a lot of attention and of course, a shiny, health, well-groomed coat. Every cat loves to be brushed, right? Having their long, luxurious hair brushed for hours and hours, but if your cat is shedding much more than normal when you look at the cat hairbrush, there may be a problem with your cat's health. If you are noticing hair loss in your cat, then may be a medical condition that needs treatment.

One of the most common causes for cat hair loss is simply fleas. Yes, fleas. If your cat has an allergy to fleabite, they can chew at their skin and hair to get the flea, effectively removing the hair in that area. Cats severely allergic to fleas that can scratch their skin raw in discomfort. The veterinarian will give you medication to ease the inflammation and a topical treatment for the fleas. If you have hair loss in your cat, check it thoroughly for fleas. Chances are good that she's been bitten and is not responding well to it.

There are medical conditions that can cause hair loss in cats. One of the common is a parasite, such as mites. Parasites are a common health problem in cats. Cats with a mite infection will develop hair loss due to the intestinal itching caused by the mites. It can eventually lead to mange if not treated. There are some thyroid cat diseases which can cause hair loss, so it is best to consult a veterinarian to get a full physical work up on your cat's health to make sure.

Cats with allergy related hair loss could be treated not only with inflammation medications, but also with soothing medicated bathes and a change in diet. Lamb and rice dry food can increase the fatty acids your cat ingests causing an increase in skin moisture. An oilier skin can make a cat's skin less irritated and allow the cat to feel some comfort. Ensuring that there is no flea infestation in your household can mean healthier skin and coat for kitty. Take measurements to rid the house of any fleas, no matter how few you seem to have. A healthy, organic way to kill fleas is to sprinkle salt on your carpet. Vacuum the carpets the following day to remove all the dead fleas.

Following the simple cat care tips can help you and your kitty maintain a happy and healthy home environment for all. Sometimes, just a simple change in diet and exercise can mean the difference to your cat.


Source by Gary Pearson

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