Cat Health – How to Take Proper Care of Your Kitty!


Most of the people think that a healthy fat cat is in its good health condition but the scenario is quite opposite to it. To tell you the truth, recent surveys and reports shows that overweight cats face more severe health conditions as compare to a smart kitty. Therefore, if your cat is also obese and you are trying to get rid of several health conditions your pet is facing then I will recommend you to help your cat in losing weight.

Below, I am going to share some symptoms that are responsible for your cat to gain weight. Well, you might have observed that there are no fat cats in wilds because they eat quality food that keeps them active and fast. But if we compare domestic pets with wilds then the issue of gaining weight is more in domestic pets. It is because these animals are dependent and they only eat processed food along with several proteins. After taking such proteins the pet start gaining weight and this practice results in horrific results.

The ingredients of cat food also matters a lot that what type of food is your pet consuming. Mostly, the food with a lot of fat tends your kitty to gain weight and this is quite dangerous for her health.

Usually, all the manufacturers focus on their profits and for this they include high fat percentage in the food. The only reason that why there is a lot of fat in the ingredients of cat edible products is its low price. Humans do not consume fat products too much and they utilize it in producing food items for pets.

If you are also providing processed food to your cat then stop ruining your cat health. Try to give her some homemade food items, bones, milk and boiled meat. Follow the schedule for few weeks and you will notice that your beloved kitty is losing weight automatically without taking any medicines and extra treatment.

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Source by Michael Podgoetsky

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