Cat Training Classes – Get Helpful Advice


There are more programs and classes now than ever before, geared towards cat training. These classes are very helpful and both the cats and the owners benefit from them.

Cats respond very well to praise, so when a cat make even a slight improvement, reward your cat with praise enthusiastically so that the cat knows to continue making progress. Always make sure to give positive reenforcement for good behavior. When a cat knows that if it does something wrong, it will get punished in some way, be it not getting a treat that it loves or not getting to do what it would normally get to do under normal circumstances, it will learn not to things that you do not like. You have to do things in order and you should not rush things. Cats work at their own pace not yours. It is very important to give you cat time to learn new skills or patterns of behavior.

Things like trips are always helpful. When your cat does whatever it is that you want it to do, not only should you reward her with food but you should also smile and show that you are very happy about the cat's progress to that the cat will want to do more to impress you . A cat can do just about anything you want it to do if you take your time and reward good behavior.

Tip # 1: In order to house train your cat, you have to always be consistent with your cat.
Tip # 2: You must always stay calm. A cat can sense when you are really in control.


Source by Nonye Adeyemo

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