Cat Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms – 5 Ways to Check For Cat Urinary Problems


If you have a cat, you probably already know that they are prone to urinary tract infections. While this isn’t usually a life threatening situation, it is certainly uncomfortable for the cat and does require medical care. Typically the cat is prescribed antibiotic to clear up the infections and sometimes pain medication.   So, how can you tell if your cat has a urinary tract infection? Look for these symptoms:  

1. More frequent drinking or urination. If your cat is drinking or peeing more than usual, he or she may be suffering from a such an infection, or feline diabetes. Your vet can do a simple blood test to determine the underlying issue.  

2. Crying in the litter box. If your cat is meowing while in the litter box, he or she may be experiencing pain while urinating. This is the most common indicator of that such an infection is present.

3. Blood in the urine. If you notice blood in your cat’s urine, seek immediate medical attention. This is usually a urinary tract infection but could be indicative of another problem.  

4. Urinating outside the litter box. If your cat suddenly starts urinating outside his or her litter box, this can be a sign of a urinary tract infection. It can also be a behavioral issue, or an indication that your cat doesn’t like the litter you are using. It can also mean that you are not cleaning the box frequently enough.  

5. Straining without producing urine. If your cat is straining while in the litter box, but not producing any output, this is indicative of a blockage and you should seek immediate medical attention.

Urinary tract infections require medical attention. Your cat should be brought to the vet immediately. If this problem is addressed early on it is relatively easy and inexpensive to cure.

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Source by Stephen Almansen

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