Combating Dry Skin Beneath Eyes



When trying to combat dry skin benefit eyes, you will want to find an eye gel that helps to nourish the skin's cells along with supporting the skin to retain it's natural moisture. You want to be sure to stay away from face creams that have ingredients that will dry skin around eyes further. I have found a few ingredients that do an amazing job around your eyes.

Natural Vitamin E is an antioxidant that will help you nourish your skin by gobbling up free radicals that cause cancer which robs you of your health and your youthful appearance. Vitamin E in your eye gel will help the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines diminish. It also acts as a natural conservative helping to extend the life of the product, and preventing it from going rancid, without having to resort to chemical methods.

Another great addition to an eye gel is Active Manuka Honey. Manuka honey is from New Zealand and is full of healthy elements for the dry skin beneeth eyes. It helps nourish the skin by supporting the skin's own cell renewal process by penetrating deeply into the layers of the skin. It also contributes to youngger looking skin by sustaining stronger formation of collagen, which helps eliminate the appearance of wrinkles.

Crodomol CAP is an emollient that helps to soften the dry skin around eyes. It also forms a film on your skin that keeps the skin's own moisture in and dirt and grime out. Babassu is another natural emollient that softens the dry skin around without excess oil.

A product to avoid is anything that has alcohol in it. Most forms of alcohol causes the skin to become dry and brittle when used repeatedly. If you've had to use alcohol wipes on your skin very many times you will see the drying effects it has, so stay away from it when trying to improve the look and feel of the skin benefit your eyes. If you use a product that strips the moisture away you will see many more wrinkles than if you use an eye gel that helps to keep the skin smooth and young looking.

Dry skin benefit eyes can happen for any number of reasons. Lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, not enough nourishment in your diet, too much wind and sun, or just a sign of getting older. No matter what the reason, look for the ingredients above when shopping for an eye gel and you will rid yourself of dry skin around eyes.


Source by Elizabeth Ruby

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