Come Hither – Learn to Hypnotize the Opposite Sex

by Lee Pham
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Have you ever felt a lack of confidence or an increase in shyness when around members of the opposite sex? Well, here is one technique you can use whenever you feel the low self esteem creeping up on you at times. Hypnosis is a technique wherein a person sends another person into a trance and is able to persuade and control that person's subconscious. Now, using hypnosis as a seductive tool for the opposite sex should be done properly. One must still keep in mind that it must be used ethically and only as a means to boost one's natural charm and confidence to a higher level. Here we learn to hypnotize the opposite sex.

The most important thing to remember when using hypnotic seduction on the opposite sex is the use of the right language. It is very important to use your target's name when conversing with him or her. Also, inflection is very cruel. When saying to a woman or a man, "I think you're the most attractive in this room," it is very important on which word you put your emphasis on, depending on your intention. Keep the compliments coming, but make sure that you find out first what the other person is really proud of about herself or himself. This is why listening is very important as well, so you can also ask appropriate questions to prove that you are interested in the other party.

A very useful tip to hypnotize the opposite sex is to use mirroring and matching. This is done by mirroring the actions of the individual you are talking to such as sitting the way he or she sets and matching your pace to the pace of speech of your target. This creates an immediate bond and automatically builds rapport.

These are quite useful tips on not only building a foundation for a relationship with the opposite sex, but also for building confidence in yourself.


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