Cure Sweaty Hands – Amazing Way to Stop Sweaty Hands

by Lee Pham
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If you are suffering from sweaty hands, you know how embarrassing it can be because we tend to shake hands with others to say "hello" and you do not want the other person to think your weird. And when it comes to socializing, you feel left out and you are scared to even show your hands because you know that you are going to start sweating a river!

Before I get to the ways of stopping the sweating, let me explain to you why is it that you sweat more than your friends and family. It is simply because you have more sweat glands on your hands. We all have sweat glands all over our bodies and some people tend to have a lot of them at one place which is normal and in no way abnormal.

A great way to stop sweaty hands is to keep them a little bit drier than normal because this can actually slow down the sweat glands which makes you feel more confident when you are with someone!

There is the option that is called Iontophoresis but that involves passing electrical currents through your palms and having two buckets of water at each end. It is a safe method but honestly it is not very recommended. Anything that has to do with surgery (as you can do it for sweaty hands) means risk. So instead of taking that risk to cure your sweaty hands it is best to go with all the natural cures.

We live in a ever changing world that has come up with more than 1 potential of curing this problem which is scientifically called Palmer hyperhidrosis. Just keep one thing in mind, stay natural!


Source by Navtej Singh Aujla

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