Deadly Obesity


What is Obesity?

In medical terms, obesity is the increase of body fat to the detriment of health which can lead to a reduced life expectancy.

The ill effects of obesity include

  • Heart Disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Breathing Difficulties while Sleeping
  • Some Cancers
  • Osteoarthritis

Obesity is one of the most common causes of death throughout the world.

There are some medical illnesses that increase the obesity risk such as eating disorders and growth hormone (GH) deficiency, but these are quite rare.

Medication can also cause significant weight gain and other changes in the body. These include

  • Insulin
  • Antidepressants
  • Steroids
  • Sulfonylureas
  • Phenyltoin and valproate
  • Thiazolidinediones
  • Atypical antipsycotics
  • Pizotifen
  • And some Hormonal contraception

The best way to control obesity is diet and exercise. Dangerous surgery is a last resort.

Look after yourself and your kids. Target Healthy Food. Your Body 4 Life .

You could use the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator on this site to find the ideal range to ascertain whether a person is underweight, overweight or average.

Child Obesity

As children grow, the body stores fat to feed vital organs to protect them just in case there is a shortage in food to the body. Children quickly put on excess body fat if they consume more calories than they are burning. Ideally, children should have access to more nutritious food and be more physical.

There are some Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

  • Use some foods as a treat rather than daily items. If you were to discard unhealthy foods completely, the more the child would crave for them .
  • The more you force children to eat something, even if you know they will enjoy it, the more they will dislike it. Children tend to enjoy different foods better if they experienced themselves.
  • Children must eat breakfast every morning, even if it is just a yogurt and a banana!
  • Never skip meals and never offer snacks as alternatives.
  • Kids will enjoy water if it is the only option. Do not keep soft drink in the pantry. Drink water yourself.
  • Prepare healthy snacks and leave in the fridge. Sticks of carrot, capsicum and celery are good and kids love them.
  • Give them a choice of cooked or raw vegetables with their meals. Raw vegetables are far more nutritious.
  • Now the really hard one. Less time on the xbox, more time playing outside. Outside activity gives children much needed exercise and fresh air. You will find the kids will be more hungry and will happily enjoy a home cooked meal without any fuss.

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