Determining Diabetes – Its Causes and Symptoms


Almost anyone can be afflicted with diabetes. It is a medical disorder that affects the blood sugar level of a person resulting to different complications. Amazingly, while diabetes can be preverted or slowed down, there are lots of people in America who has this disorder, around 25 million of them.

The human body generates insulin, a fluid that has the main task of maintaining the sugar level in our blood. With diabetes, there is not enough insulin that is generated to do its job. As the sugar levels increase in our blood, many complications arise.

Diabetics experience symptoms such as urinating frequently, increased fluid intake and feeling thirsty all the time. The body also feels exhausted and tired frequently and the vision is altered. The breath of a diabetic also experiences a change in odor; a distinct "acetone" smell can be noticed.

Diabetes is blamed on a couple of reasons. This may include having the disease through genetics. Parents or family members that have a history of diabetes would probably have another in the gene pool that would have this disorder.

Other causes terribly heavily on a person's lifestyle and eating habits. If a person is fat and lacks exercise, there is a great chance that he would have diabetes. Excess intake of sweets and carbohydrates-packed foods can also lead to diabetes.

Diabetes has different types and has different treatments. But generally, doctors would recommend a diabetic to get lots of exercise and to avoid sweets, candies, excess meat intake, eggs, milk and fatty foods. Alcohol and smoking is also a big no-no. A doctor can recommend a full list of what you can eat as well as the recommended amount and quantity.


Source by Renata Nyleve

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