Do not Give In to Withdrawal Symptoms

by Lee Pham
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When a smoker starts to think about quitting his smoking habit, all negative things start to rush in and it could be a very nasty experience. If you are on the bandwagon together with the other smokers who would like to get rid of smoking off their system, understand that it will take more than your decision to quit to be able to fully separate yourself from nicotine.

From the very beginning of the stage of quitting, make sure that you have reserved for yourself loads of good music to keep your mind away from the "thought of smoking", a lot of work to do and the full determination that no matter what happens , no matter how it pains you to not smoke a cigarette for a day for the first few weeks, you will ban smoking from your body for life.

Aside from the minor withdrawal symptoms such as having bad breath, a quitter will find it most difficult to sleep during this stage. This is perfectly normal. Do not, for any reason, blame yourself because you had been smoking. Since nicotine is a powerful chemical, its absence will have caused the nerves in your brain to alter. What it has been used to have affected your brainwaves and sleeping patterns and that is the very reason why you will have problems in sleeping.

As you know, nicotine is such a great stimulant for the brain, without it, the person who has been long exposed to it will also have problems in dealing with his urge to control. When you used to smoke before and after meals, walking, while reading a book or after, during coffee breaks, watching a favorite show on TV or game live, after a huge event, going with friends and the list could go on, the brain has the ability to register all this during the time you were inhaling nicotine to your body. When this hour or event of the day comes up or approaches, your desires to smoke will rise and it will trigger you to light a cigarette. What you need to do is to control not to give in to intentions triggered by habits you had before that are most significant. When you learn to control the most frequent habits in the past, you will be able to take care of the minor ones.

These problems can stop a quitter on the process of quitting nicotine addiction but it is just a phase and it can be acquired.


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