Does Poor Posture Really Lead To Poor Health?


Many people believe that your post is related to your health. This means that if you have a poor posture, you are likely to develop poor health as well. What are the health problems that can be caused by poor posture?

The first problem is pain. People who often slouch may experience problems in the spine. The spine might become too curved or misaligned. When this happens, the nerves will be affected and pain will be felt. The pain can become very severe there before you need to be careful when it comes to spinal conditions. In addition, the joints may also become affected. Improper positions may add too much pressure on the joints and lead to conditions such as osteoarthritis.

The second problem is fatigue. Excessive tiredness can be a result of poor posture. When your body is in an improper position, some organs and vessels may be compressed. As a result, the blood will not be able to flow smoothly and transport the nutrients that need to be transported. When this happens, the body will not be able to function well and energy will not be produced immediately. If you start feeling sluggish and tired, your body may be signaling you to sit up straight.

The third problem is headache. This can be contributed to the constriction of the blood vessels located in the neck area. As the blood can not reach the head area efficiently, headache may occur as well as neck problems.

The fourth problem is back pain. A lot of people are complaining about having a painful back. Some are not sure why they get the problem in the first place. However, it is important to note that back pain is a result of poor posture in most cases. This is because the back is in a position that brings discomfort to the body.

The fifth problem is digestive disorder. When you slouch, your inner organs become pressed and constricted. As a result, they can not function well. In some cases, there may even be damage especially when it involves the stomach. GERD or acid reflux often occurs when the acid from the stomach is squeezed out because of bad posture.

How can you prevent these problems bought by poor post? It's simple. You always have to make sure that your body is always in a good position. There are some practical things that you can as well such as stretching and exercising. They help the body find balance and they relate the soreness that has been caused by bad posture. You may also do activities such as Yoga and Pilates. Both are useful in effectively aligning your back to its normal position. Do this and you will have a healthy body.


Source by Karen Wentworth

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