Drinking Hand Sanitizer to Get High


What started as a bad idea among prison inmates and teens has transitioned to college students and the “twenty and thirty something” crowd. The trend does not involve drugs but rather it is drinking hand sanitizer to get high and it is a new cause for concern by medical professionals. If you are thinking, can you actually get high from drinking it, the answer is yes.

A Terrible Idea!

According to the National Poison Control Center, hand sanitizer, such as your basic bottle of Purell is 60 to 65 percent alcohol, which is the equivalent of two shots 80 proof vodka. It also contains ethyl alcohol, which is the same chemical that creates the buzz when you have a glass of wine. It stands to reason that have a glass of wine would taste a bit better than the astringent and most likely disgusting taste of hand sanitizer.

However, abusers have figured out a way to separate the alcohol from the gel by adding salt. Some individuals mix Listerine with salt and hand sanitizer for a concoction that is known as hand sanitrippin, a hand sanity fix and Mr. Cleans’ Tears.

The cleaning agent contains isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol and is toxic to your central nervous system. What’s more is that the other added chemicals,such as tocopheryl acetate, isoprophy myristate, benzophenone-4, glycerin, propylene glycol, carbomer and fragrance; can be just as dangerous and toxic to the central nervous system. The National Poison Control center added that not knowing what is in the fragrance – that is the chemical composition, could be as much a danger.

Dangerous Side Effects

The side effects from drinking hand cleanser can lead to memory loss, vision problems, diarrhea and damage to internal organs. Individuals that drink it can experience alcohol poisoning, just as they can with beer, wine or distilled liquor, which can lead to coma and death.

Individuals that participate in this type of risky behavior are putting not only their current health at risk but also their futures. Between the ages of 12 and 24, individuals go through a number of physiological and psychological changes that help them develop into adults. People that drink the cleanser or use alcohol and drugs put their developmental futures in jeopardy.

It Can Kill You

While there are have no deaths associated with drinking hand sanitizer, ethyl alcohol is toxic and health care professionals warn that ingesting too much and lead to alcohol poisoning, with the same results as consuming too much beer, wine or liquor. An additional concern is that these types of methods for getting high or intoxicated, often lead to alcohol and drug abuse.


Source by Lara Schuster

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