Dry Eye Syndrome

by Lee Pham
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Dry eye syndrome seems to be self explanatory. It means that your eye does not have enough moisture in it to lubricate it. There are many factors in the world that contribute and bring on this syndrome. There are also many reliable ways to cure this syndrome before it becomes too serious.

The environment is more than likely the biggest contributor to this eye condition. If you already have a dry eye condition you will notice that the environment can make this increasingly worse. Factors of the environment such as:

o Smoke

o Wind

o Dry Air

o Air Conditioning

o Sunlight

When your eyes are exposed to a large amount of any of these factors you will notice an increased pain or irritation, if this is the case you should visit your eye doctor immediately to avoid this condition getting any worse. Your eyes are a very sensitive part of your body; take care of them in the proper way.

If you wear contact lenses you are also at risk of encountering this condition. Everything depends on the contact lens products that you use, the frequency that you use them as well as how well you take care of your contacts. The contacts that you wear make your eyes more sensitive to the world and the products that you use could dry out your eyes if you do not use them correctly. With these two combined contact wearers are at a high risk of this dry eyed condition.

Dry eye conditions become that much more common when you are of an older age. It has been found that almost 75% of seniors have some form of dry eye conditions. Women are also more prone to dry eye conditions as well. There are many physical traits that contribute to these dry eye conditions as well.

If you discover that you are prone to these dry eye conditions please visit your doctor as soon as possible to avoid any complications.


Source by Keith McDonnell

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