Dwarf Hamster Aquarium – Not Just For Fish!

by Lee Pham
 Dwarf Hamster Health and Breeding Tips


The same type of aquarium you would normally keep fish in, be it glass or plastic you can use for you pet dwarf hamster. At least a 10 gallon aquarium for one and larger if you have two or a mom with a litter of pups. This type of home can provide many benefits:

* smooth sides make it difficult to escape
* provides visual view for you and your pet to observe each other
* easier clean up

When using an aquarium there are two types of construction, glass or plastic. Glass, although it is heavier, does not scratch should you pet decide to try to dig it's way out. Plastic on the other hand is lighter and easier to move but in time will scratch. Keep in mind if you use an aquarium that a breathable lid will be required. There are a couple of types available screen or plastic with breathing holes.

This will also help from other things falling in your pets home as well ward off attempted escapes and other pets entering. When you use an aquarium, keep the location out of direct sunlight as it can heat up the air inside quickly making it an unsafe environment for your pet. By using Velcro pads, you can attach their water bottle at a suitable height for your pet. Pet supply stores also carry water bottles designed to hook at the top of the aquarium. It's always ideal to think of your pets safety and to locate your pets home away from drafts, heaters, air vents and direct sunlight.


Source by Kym Sutherland

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