Dwarf Hamster Food and Feeding


Dwarf hamsters love to eat. They will pretty much eat whatever you put in front of them, regardless of whether or not it’s good dwarf hamster food. As a result, you have to be responsible with what you give your dwarf hamster. This is especially true because they are so small. A small drop of food to a dwarf hamster is like a burger to you and me. If you feed them something they shouldn’t have, it will do more damage than you might think. You should also be careful to not give them too many sugary treats as this could cause diabetes. So what should you know about feeding a dwarf hamster? Well the basics include knowing how much to feed them, how often to feed them, and what is considered good dwarf hamster food.

Dwarf hamsters are tiny. That is their claim to fame and what makes them so special. So how much do these tiny animals eat? The truth is they don’t need much food, but they still need more than you might expect. Because of their high metabolisms, dwarf hamsters eat as much as the larger ‘Syrian hamster.’ They’ll also hoard a lot of food in their nests so even though they may have a lot of food stored in their nest when feeding time comes, you should still give them a fresh supply of dwarf hamster food. Feeding only needs to be done daily. If you’re using healthy hamster mix you got from a pet store, two tablespoons a day should be enough (for one dwarf hamster). Remember, these guys are nocturnal so the best time to feed them is in the early evening, when they are just waking up and beginning their day. Other good dwarf hamster foods include pellets, seeds, and dried fruits and vegetables.

Just as important, if not more important, than dwarf hamster food is water. If you’re feeding your dwarf hamster through a water bowl, make sure to give him or her fresh water every single day. Also make sure the bowl is sturdy and heavy so that it won’t be easily knocked over. If the water bowl is too light and gets knocked over by your hamster, not only would this soak up the floor but if this happens in the middle of the night, your dwarf hamster will end up without any water for the entire night!

The other option for providing water is with a water bottle. By water bottle, I mean one of the pet water bottles that are upside down and allows your hamster to drink through a mouthpiece at the bottom. This is probably the better option because you’ll only need to refill the water bottle about once a week and there’s no worry that it’ll get knocked over. One thing to note with a water bottle though is that the tip should be metal and not plastic. A plastic mouthpiece could be chewed to bits by your dwarf hamster (and we all know how much they like to chew things). This would not only ruin the water bottle but could potentially flood the cage!

How important is food in your life? Well it is just as important in a dwarf hamster’s. When feeding your dwarf hamster, it is fine to surprise him with treats occasionally, but don’t over do it. These animals are very small and that small ‘snack’ you think you’re giving him could be the equivalent of a tub of ice cream. To give your dwarf hamster a healthy diet, hamster mix is always a good option and it is always good to supplement the dwarf hamster food with fresh greens to give him or her the healthy life he or she deserves.


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