Dwarf Hamster Info – Common Dwarf Hamster Illnesses


Although you may think that owning a Dwarf hamster will be easy, then you need to think again. If you do not provide them with the right sort of living environment, food and water they can quickly become unhappy and unhealthy pets. In this article we offer some Dwarf hamster info about the types of health problems these types of animals can suffer from.

1. Abscesses – These will occur in a hamster if they are bitten or scratched by another one. As soon as you see any lumps or notice that they have been bitten or scratched by another take them to your vet. They will be able to check if the area is infected and will then provide some antibiotics to help clear it up or prevent an infection occurring. The other reason for an abscess forming is if they swallow things like a piece of their cage.

2. Allergic Reaction – Although you can use wood shavings in your Dwarf hamsters cage for bedding it should be the kind that is made from cedar or pine. Unfortunately both of these contain oils that are toxic to your hamster. But along with certain types of wood shavings to be avoided there are certain foods that should not be given to Dwarf hamsters. The types of food that cause an allergic reaction including sneezing, skin irritations, runny eyes, loss of fur or other respiratory problems are corn and maize.

3. Colds – What many people do not realize is that it is very easy for Dwarf hamsters to catch colds from us. Therefore if you do find yourself during the winter time with a cold avoid being around your pet at this time. Another way of ensuring that your hamster does not have a cold is by keeping them cage in a warm position and ensuring that they never get wet. The way you can tell if your hamster has a cold is just like you they will get a runny nose and will sneeze quite a bit. If they do get cold and it has not cleared after a number of days then immediately seek veterinary help.

4. Torpodity – This is a condition that many hamsters suffer from if they are not able to exercise regularly and which is why there should be a wheel in their cage. As well as your hamster putting on weight they can also become very aggressive.

Above we have provided some Dwarf hamster info with regards to the kinds of health problems that can affect these animals. However, by knowing what can cause these problems you should hopefully be able to avoid them.


Source by Jim Renfro

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