Dwarf Hamster Tips To Take Care Of Your Pet Hamster Better


Having a dwarf hamster as a pet is not a joke. These are absolutely beautiful and adorable but the amount of attention and care they need is too much. But the fact that these are so cute would just let you have these without bothering much about the exhausting work around these small little pets. Unlike the dogs, cat, or other pet birds, these hamsters need to be tackled with care. The following dwarf hamster tips would help you make your life and the life of the hamsters that you have blissful –

  • Most of the people would not know much about the hamsters when they are deciding to have these as pets. They would just get locked with the cute pets that these are and would want them. However, before you get these to your house you should probably know whatever you can about these hamsters. As a presumptive approach may harm the health and well being of the pet. These are sensitive pets and they need extra care. You should read and educate yourself and then decide if you would want to get these as pets.
  • Knowing how to distinguish the male and female hamsters is very cruel if you are the hamster owner. The hamsters are sexually quite active. These are ready to mate from a very early age. In case you are ignorant about sexing them, you might end up putting the male and female in the same cage, result would be one getting pregnant. Without you want them to breed these should be kept far apart.
  • The cage that you have for the hamsters, should be as close as it could be to their natural habitat. Thick substrate should be layered at the bottom of the cage. Adequate humps and nests should be there for the humps to play and dig. Plastic tubes that would substitute tunnels that they naturally live in would add to their being in the natural surrounding. You could also place a small wheel, which they could use to run on. The hamsters are very active creatures, placing a wheel that way would have allowed them to run as much.
  • Another very essential dwarf hamster tips would be to monitor the cage in case you have added another hamster to the cages. As the one which would have been staying before before would have grown used to being alone. Here, it might give a hard time to the new addition.
  • In case you are planning to get more than one hamster get the once that are from the same breed and have the same built. As the hamsters would gel well with the other hamsters of the same breed and size. Some initial friction would be noticed in case hamsters of different breed are put in one cage.
  • Keeping a regular check on the cage is one of the most important dwarf hamster tips as these would be living in that place, the hamster owner should ensure that it is in proper shape with no cracks or holes. The water supplies are fine and the hamsters and ample to eat and drink.


Source by Ewen C

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