Dwarf Hamsters – A Pet For Kids?



Dwarf Hamsters can be an educational and interesting pet for kids. They will learn to appreciate that the hamsters prefer being watched as opposed to being held or petted. With proper handling techniques and teaching your child to never put their face or head up against the animal, even though it’s tempting, can open doors of communication and learning for a child.

With adult supervision and guidance it is limitless the new things a child can learn from owning a pet hamster such as:

– Opportunity for and to learn about humane care and treatment of pets and respect for their lives

– Learn about the hamsters’ routine, sleep cycles, and playtime behaviors.

– Observe how this tiny little creature can be a responsible parent to its children and their life cycle

– Teaches and encourages responsibly to your child though providing and maintaining fresh water, good food and keeping a clean home for their pet

– Dwarfs can be the subject of science projects on topics like behavior, color genetics and exercise.

– Older children can study and learn about biology and animal behavior through observing the animals behavior

– Dwarf hamsters have a short life span and not a long-term commitment from you or your child.

The death of a pet hamster may be the first loss a child experiences. This makes it very important that the child be prepared in advance for the inevitable loss of a beloved pet.

In a compassionate manner that is appropriate to your child’s age and level of maturity and if handled skillfully, this loss can be turned into a positive experience. It can allow for discussion on the cycle of life, love, illness and possibility address additional fears. It may also possibly play a part for your child in growth and development of character.


Source by Kym Sutherland

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