Eating Healthy Foods For a Healthier Lifestyle

by Lee Pham


Everyone is into the health craze these days. Nobody wants to be obese much less fat anymore. There is a more sensible effort on the part of each individual to look better, get into shape and stay healthy. Times are hard after all, so it is of utmost importance to be able to stay as healthy as you can so that you do not get sick. Staying healthy is not just about going to the gym to lose all the excess weight. It is also about eating a balanced meal that consist of healthy foods. Working out will prove to be nothing if you just keep on eating junk food instead of eating the healthy foods which would help speed up your weight reduction.

When the subject of healthy foods comes to mind, one automatically thinks of bland, steamed flavorless vegetables, fruits and no meat. This is actually a big misconception as eating healthy foods do not necessarily mean that they have to be bland or always steamed and flavorless or that it always has to be vegetables and fruits. There are many restaurants that offer healthy options of foods for those who are trying to lose weight or lead a healthier lifestyle. One just has to be able to pick the right type of food to eat in order to get the results that one wants.

If you are a picky vegetable eater, there are a variety of vegetables that are considered healthy foods that you may like. Cauliflower for one is considered as a healthy food. You may use this for your salads or you may eat it with a dip. Other vegetables that are considered as healthy foods are potatoes, yams, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, mustard greens, carrots, celery and a whole lot more. The secret to getting vegetables taste good is really in the way that you cook or flavor them.

There are in fact a lot of spices and herbs that are also considered as healthy foods that one can use with vegetables. Some of which are the following: basil, pepper, thyme, oregano, rosemary and cilantro to name a few. Experiment when cooking your vegetables and you'll get to love eating them in time.

Meat lovers do not have to fret as there are certain meat and poultry products that are also considered as healthy foods. The main trick here is to cut down on the fat and eat only lean meat. Lean meat is healthy and has less cholesterol that is bad for your body. Other meat products that are healthy are lamb, chicken, turkey and venison. Try to cook them differently from the usual frying or barbecue so that you less the risk for heart problems caused by too much cholesterol.

Eating healthy foods need not be something dull or boring like what many people think it is when one wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. The secret is really in the way that you cook them or add flavor to them without having to sacrifice the natural content of the ingredients.


Source by Sean Jordan

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