Emotional Well Being Health Check


This Emotional Health Check is a simple but effective way for parents to assess whether their child is flourishing.

The Emotional Health Check provides pointers to help children become happy, healthy and confident. The key to emotional well being is the 3E's:

o Energy

o Enthusiasm

o Enjoyment.


This is the healthy life force that allows us to keep busy and feeds our curiosity. It contrasts with the more frantic and aimless bursts of activity fueled by emotional upsets and adrenaline. Energy is productive and focused, giving us a zest for life. Children with a zest for life are full of ideas of things that they want to do. Positive energy gives us bounce and makes us feel good. We smile more and laugh easily. Positive energy does not tip over into tears and tantrums; in the way that negative and fraud bursts of activity tend to do.

Energy health check

o Does your child have some free time everyday to just play and be themselves?

o Do they receive frequent praise and recognition for their efforts at school and at home, especially when they are learning new and difficult skills?

o Is their time balanced between challenging new tasks, and time to use and enjoy the skills they already have?


This comes from feeling good about yourself and having a history of success. Enthusiasm is linked to confidence and high self esteem. It comes from knowing your strengths and abilities and having regular opportunities to use what you enjoy and are good at. Childhood is a time when you are constantly learning and developing. There is a real danger that children get pushed on to scale the heights of achievement without spending enough time saving their success.

Enthusiasm health check

o Does your child talk about what is going well and what they find motivating?

o Can your child try out new past times and decide whether to pursue that interest further?

o Is your child able to have some control over their time so so that they can counterbalance the organized time adults plan for them with choices of their own?


This is a peak experience which makes us feel fantastic. Yes, it is true, that you can enjoy an ice cream or a slice of cake. However, the emotional satisfaction from external sources like food does not last long, and can be a weak substitute for the enjoyment we gain from our personal achievement. Enjoyment is so much more satisfying when we know we are doing our best. Children love to play because it provides both fun and a sense of achievement. Do you remember spending hours practicing cartwheels or climbing trees? Did it feel good when you finally got the hang of it and was it fun to keep on trying until you got it right?

Enjoyment health check

o Does your child have special interests which they have time to enjoy without pressure?

o Is the list of what has to be done kept in check to allow enough down time?

o Is there time to follow your child's lead, to let them show you what is special for them?

o Do your children see you "in the zone" doing satisfying and valued activities as well as work / chores?

If you want your child to have a boost of energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment try out some of the ideas in this article and see what a difference it makes.


Source by Jeni Hooper

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