Excessive Head Sweating – Understanding the Basics of Hyperhidrosis


During the hot seasons we as humans are accredited to sweating. When bodies begin to overheat It is normal for our sweat glands to activate and start producing sweat as a means to cool the body down. Above average sweating in the head, neck, and other areas of the body is not normal and this is typically a case of Hyperhidrosis. We need to understand what could be causing this condition if we want to have a good chance at stopping excessive sweating.

For Many the sweating is a stress issue. Becoming drenched in sweat in an anxious situation is common. Stress can play a huge role in one who suffers from severe sweating. The arrogance of the sweating can lead to low self esteem and cause trouble being comfortable in social environments. This can lead to even more stress and inevitably lead to more sweat. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and may help reduce your sweating in a social setting.

Another problem these people face is the growth of bacteria in areas where sweat lingers. Someone of Hyperhidrosis will do there best to stay on top of their hygiene to keep the body odor to a minimum. Along how noticeable the sweating can be to the human eye. The emotional pain of knowing your body odor is just as noticeable is terrible. One may use antiperspirants to try and keep the odors at bay and it can help. But for those suffering from a more severe case of Hyperhidrosis antiperspirants can only do so much to stop the problem.

These are just a few ideas at how you can battle Hyperhidrosis. For some people the anitipersperants and stress relief will do wonders. In the event that these above methods do not help, the cause of your sweating may be a defect issue and could require the opinion of a professional. But before you go to the doctor and get spoken into surgery you might want to look into a safer, natural, alternative approach.


Source by Shoshanna Girdwood

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