Exotic Pet For Sale: Lemurs Are Fun


Do you love having animals at home but you want to have something that’s a bit different from cats and dogs? Then, an exotic pet for sale will work perfectly for you specifically pet lemurs. These types of exotic animals are one of the most commonly preferred types of species today because they’re both cute and cuddly. If you’ve seen the movie Madagascar, then you’ve probably spotted a really funny lemur character in that film.

If you want to get an exotic pet for sale in the form of a lemur, it wouldn’t be much of a brilliant idea for you to go all the way to Madagascar just so you can get one as a pet at home because this will surely be a really expensive type of affair. This means that the best way for you to get this cute animal is by looking for a reputable pet shop that breeds them.

These cute and cuddly animals work great as pets. As you may already know, these kinds of exotic animals have already been labeled as endangered species, which means that getting them from their native island is strictly prohibited by the government. Moreover, the United States has also imposed very strict laws governing the act of importing foreign animals. These laws were mainly created to prevent foreign diseases from spreading inside the country and possibly resulting into an epidemic. Based on this, the best place where you can look for these kinds of exotic animals would be on the internet. There are tons of different pet shops online who breeds these cute animals. You just need to look for a trustworthy one. Once you find a good online pet shop, it is highly preferable that you choose a male. Lemurs belong to the class of primates where males are more submissive as compared to females. Males can easily be trained as compared to females because of this. Before you decide to buy your new pet, you must first see to it that it was born and bred in captivity.

These exotic animals have a good set of varieties that you can choose from. You also need to decide which type of species you want to get. There are about 30 different species for you to choose from. Two of the most popular types include mouse lemurs and ring tailed lemurs. The first type measure around 4.7 to 5.7 inches in length. These are also divided into different groups such as pygmy and gray mouse varieties. Each of these varieties different in terms of their physical traits. However, they also have some similarities such as long hind legs, soft fur, large eyes, dorsal strips down their backs, and long tails.

Ring tailed ones on the other hand are much larger than their mouse counterparts. Their front legs are shorter than their back legs. This makes them always stick their butts up in the air. They are quite different from other varieties because they spend most of their time on the ground. They usually measure from 15 to 18 inches in length and weigh around 5 to 8 pounds.


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