External Hemorrhoid Treatment at Home


Very often, medical treatment is the last resort to cure hemorrhoids, but external hemorrhoid treatment does not necessarily have to involve surgery. If the case is not yet severe, external hemorrhoid treatment can be performed with natural remedies at home.

Hemorrhoids are a very common problem in our modern society. Almost every second person under the age of 50 is suffering from this condition. Most of these develop external hemorrhoids.

“The best ways of external hemorrhoid treatment are quite easy to apply.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Tip #1: “Eat healthy food, drink plenty of liquids and exercise at least a bit every day.”

The first thing every hemorrhoid patient should consider is making changes to his daily diet. Your diet is one of the most important factors in your external hemorrhoid treatment. Eating healthy food and keeping a high water intake is an effective way to cure or prevent hemorrhoids. It is mandatory to involve high amounts of fibers into your diet. Those will help to soften stool and to make bowel movements more frequent.

Your healthy dietary plan should always be accompanied by small but regular amounts of exercise. Jogging or walking for 20 or 30 minutes a day will help to regulate the metabolism of your digestive system.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Tip #2: “Easy hydrotherapy – take a warm sitz bath.”

A sitz bath is a very popular and effective form of external hemorrhoid treatment. It uses the theory water therapy (or hydrotherapy) and refers to taking a partial bath in a sitting position with warm water covering the buttocks and hips.

This treatment enlarges blood vessels in the hemorrhoids and helps to increase blood circulation, which reduces swelling and eases the itching or pain. It is most convenient to use a special plastic sitz bath device (available in most drug stores), but a sitz bath can also be taken in a regular bathtub.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Tip #3: “Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies – Hazel”

There are many natural remedies which will help with external hemorrhoid treatment. A very effective cure to reduce itching or painful symptoms accompanying hemorrhoids is Hazel. Hazel is a natural remedy made from the witch hazel tree and is being applied directly to the affected area. It quickly reduces the swelling of the hemorrhoid and provides some amount of relief.


Source by Dr. Phil Dee

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