Frequently Asked Questions About Halitosis



Q: Is Bad Breath A Disease?

A: The answer to this question is both yes and no. No because bad breadth which is known medically as halitosis is linked to how we brush and floss our mouths. Due to the different foods that we eat, there is a tendency for bacteria to build up in certain parts inside our mouths encouraged by the food traces left behind.

When you eat food and drink and do not regularly brush and floss your teeth bad breath will develop. Smoking also results in bad breadth. Usually when one stops smoking the bad breath will disappear. On the other hand bad breadth may also be as a result of disease particularly gum disease. Smoking, once mentioned, may also lead to gum disease and periodontal disease in general. This requires a medical doctor to deal with.

Q: How Best To Know If You Have Bad Breadth

A: Checking your own breadth to see if you have halitosis is a tricky undertaking. There is a myth which suggests that you can check your breadth by breathing into your hands. This is in fact misleading as when you breadth you don’t use your throat as you would do when you are talking. Your bad breadth is mostly experienced by others when you are talking. Bacteria, mentioned above, which is responsible for bad breath thrives at the back of your mouth near the throat and its results are more pronounced when talking rather than breathing.

The best way to check your breath is to ask a close friend how your breath smells. This might be an embarrassing thing to do hence the need to talk to someone close. You may also visit a dentist to get an expert opinion and official position on your condition. This will include effect options for address.

Q: Does Eating Healthy Help Dealing With Halitosis?

A: As mentioned earlier what we eat is ultimately responsible for our breath. It is therefore possible to manage a bad breath condition using the daily foods that we eat. To begin with healthy eating is important for our overall health over and above our breath. For example, fruits and vegetables are key to our heart health, blood pressure status and even cancer risk reduction.

Some researchers note that apples, carrots and celery play an important role in effectively managing bad breath. These are fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. The concept here is that fruits and vegetables that help you produce a lot of saliva help in keeping your mouth rinsed out. This gives little room for bacteria to form.


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