From High Risk Of Cardiac Disease To Heart Healthy and Active


In this article, I'll reveal how my friend Patrick went from high risk of cardiac disease to heart healthy and active. It was not always like this for Patrick. In fact, it all started when Patrick visited his GP not long after his 65th birthday. He told me, "I got a shock when my doctor warned me that I was at high risk of cardiac disease which could lead to stroke and heart failure. having high blood pressure and did not do enough physical exercise.

I knew that I should have been looking after myself better , as the last thing I needed was to have a heart attack. It's just that I liked my lifestyle the way it was, working hard and ending the day in front of the TV with a drink or several. I was spending money on medication and health checks, and was feeling a bit down. I was finding it hard to keep up with the grandchildren and slightly embarrassed about my bulging gut. I was worried that if I did not make some changes, things could really bad, especially because I was at high risk of having a stroke and even early death. I had to find a way to reduce my risk of heart disease.

If I could not do this, I would remain overweight and would have little energy for my two great loves; my wife and fishing. I would lose all enjoyment in life as the challenges and struggles would just get bigger and more insurmountable. I could end up having a stroke. This would mean I would no longer be able to go on the boat and fish with my mates, or go walking with my wife which she loves . I would stop being able to bring in the dough for my family. I would become a burdened to those I love the most.

My health challenges seemed to have gotten the better of me. One day my wife looked at me with great disappointment when I said that I could not come with her to visit the grandchildren because I was too unwell and exhausted. I'd hit rock bottom and knew I had to take some positive action. I was going to follow the first thing my doctor had told me to do. My doctor told me start eating healthy as one on the ways to reduce my heart disease risk factors.

My wife happily started cooking heart healthy meals when I assured her I would eat them.

I started to research heart disease diets and what foods are actually healthy. At first I was completely overwhelmed by all the different and sometimes conflicting answers and I suffered from information overload. I ended up spending a lot of money and time gathering information and trying different diets to see which ones would reduce my blood pressure.

One day my wife's friend, who had heard about my health challenge, sent me an article on the benefits of making your body alkaline. My doctor had told me that healthy eating was one of the factors that helped keep your heart healthy and helped stroke prevention . My wife and I started implementing an Alka Paleo diet and drinking only alkaline water. The Alka Paleo diet combines the best aspects of the Alkaline diet with the Paleo Diet. We followed an Alkaline food chart when doing the weekly shop and bought an alkaline water filter. We quickly got used to having yummy salads with meat or fish at lunchtime instead of high carb and processed foods.

It was about 3 months later that I booked in to see my GP again. I was really nervous and my palms were sweaty. But I was very excited to share the changes I had made with my doctor. The doctor wrapped the blood pressure monitor around my arm, and I held my breath in anticipation.

The doctor often had a worried look on his face but now it was only held a look of surprise . My blood pressure had come down to a healthy level. I felt so proud of myself for getting back in control of my health and was excited to share the good news with my wife and kids. I no longer had to worry about having a stroke and becoming dependent on others. I had the energy to continue my work with the local council and to have a yarn with my mates while fishing and playing golf. My wife and I were having more fun then we'd had for ages. It was refreshing to be able to laugh with her again.

The results were more then I could hope for. I had turned my ship away from the storm and I knew my life was about to change dramatically, for the better. So today I have a simple question for you, would you like to achieve similar results in your own life?


The information in this article is not intended to diagnose or treat any health condition but is intended to help individuals make informed decisions about natural health. This information does not replace for treatment or advice that may have been prescribed by a physician. If you have a medical condition, you are advised to seek assistance from a trained medical professional. Products referred to in this article have not been evaluated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.


Source by Robyn Backhouse

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