General Anxiety – Symptoms And Medication Explained

by Lee Pham


General anxiety disorder is a reasonably common variety of anxiety that affects a huge number of people. This disorder gets you worried over small things in every day life which actually is not needed. Many of the people with this type of disorder are not being able to control their depression and find it difficult to cope up with their relationships, work and are also not able to function well in everyday situations. Other forms of treatment along with general anxiety medications are prescribed by doctors to help people who are affected by this disorder to overcome it.


General anxiety medications are given to those people who have been suffering from these symptoms for over a period of more than six months. These symptoms do affect social as well as working relationships. Some symptoms that push forward the call for general anxiety medications are listed below.

1. Edginess, anger and irritability. In many of the situations we find that these people who are affected by this disorder are preoccupied with their own worries and hence react very abruptly.
2. Muscle tightness. Along with this disorder you also have pain and overall muscular tension.
3. Sleep disorders. It has become pretty common for the people who have general anxiety disorder to find it really difficult to sleep well. They may continue to sleep once they relax or even face problems of insomnia.
4. Fatigue. Overall fatigue can not be out of question in this type of disorder when you are regularly worried or are not able to sleep at all.
5. Stomach complaints. Diarrhea and nausea are common stomach complaints with every form of stress and worry.

Use of general anxiety medications:

To treat general anxiety, doctors often have a tendency to prescribe quite a few numbers of medications of different types. The methods that are recommended by these doctors may certainly in most cases fall into the category of anti depressants. They may even be sedatives or depressants. The combinations of these medications and the prescriptions will mainly depend on the symptoms the patient is experiencing in particular.

Anxiety medications have to be taken as prescribed by the doctors. It is very important to take the right dosage for the medication to be effective when you are taking anti depressants. When sedatives are being used patients should be attentive to the precautions.

These medications can help people get back to their normal life and take control of it.


Source by Abhishek Agarwal

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