Germs 101: Teaching Your Child Clean Habits


Winter is an exciting time for a child. Thoughts of making snow angels, building snowmen, and opening presents fill up their minds. Children rarely think of the extra health risk the cold weather will bring. It is your job to teach your children about germs and how they are spread. Educating your children will help maintain the cleanliness of your daycare.

1. Shoulder sneeze

Covering your mouth before a sneeze or cough is common knowledge. How to cover your mouth is not. It is important to direct a sneeze or cough into your shoulder rather than using your hands. Teach your children that germs are easily spread once they get on their hands. Ask them to think of all the things that touch with their hands. Have your children practice this new method by having them whisper into their shoulder.

2. Facial tissue, our friend

No child likes having a runny nose. Teach them the importance of using a tissue rather than using their hands or clothing to wipe their nose. Explain that runny noses will spread germs if not caught in a tissue. In your classroom, make sure facial tissue is in an easy-to-reach place for small children. Show them where the tissue is located.

3. Wash hands regularly

Before snack time, lunch, or after using the restroom, have children line up to wash their hands. Teach your children the proper way to wash their hands. Place hands under warm water. Apply soap and rub hands together for about 20 seconds. Rinse hands with warm water, then dry hands with a paper towel. If a sink is not available, use sanitized wipes or gel made for children.

Teaching your children these habits will improve the cleanliness of your child care environment. Being aware is the first step to a happy and healthy child.


Source by Laura Sherrard

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