Gestational Diabetes Symptoms – What You Need to Know


Many pregnant women may become scared at the first mention of the term gestational diabetes as it sounds huge like a debilitating disease. Well you do not have to get worked up because it is just a temporary condition that occurs during pregnancy.

The ailment occurs in pregnant women who have never had diabetes but develop high blood sugar during pregnancy. This is a temporary condition that usually disappears once the baby is born however; there is also increased risk of the mother and baby developing diabetes. This makes it a top health issue related to pregnancy which needs to be carefully handled.

You need to be aware of some predisposing factors that increase the risk of having gestational diabetes. These include:

1. Having had such condition in a previous pregnancy.
2. Obesity in the woman.
3. A family history of diabetes.
4. Older maternal age (over 30 years).

You also need to know some of the threats posed to the mother and baby by this ailment. It is obvious that high sugar levels in your blood can be harmful to you and your baby. There is also a risk of the baby developing diabetes and being fat. Babies that are too large face the risk of having their shoulders damaged during delivery, breathing problems, needing to be delivered early or by c – section.

While it is a cause for concern, you do not need to panic. Yes, the good news is you can keep your blood sugar levels under control with the right diet and exercise. You should consult your doctor for a diet plan and the right physical activity.

If you are carrying a pregnancy now or you are planning for one in the future, make out time to learn some tips on how to avoid gestational diabetes symptoms rearing up. Always bear in mind that it is a better choice health wise and economically to take preventive measures other than to find solutions to high blood sugar. Your health and that of your unborn baby should be a task you must focus on. So ensure you make wise choices about what you eat and work closely with your doctor to achieve best results for your pregnancy.


Source by Chimezie Asiegbu

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