Get Fit, Stay Fit, and the Easiest Most Practical Way to Do It


The internet is bloated with ways to "get fit" or "lose weight." Even though it is a real problem that most everyone faces, the solution is quite simple. These tips can and will help you IMMEDIATELY put you on track to achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Write down your goals. This could not be simpler. You can not get where you want to go if you do not draw out a map. Otherwise you will never feel satisfied with your achievements because you have nothing to measure them to. Write down your goals and look at them everyday. That's how our brains work. See the goal and go after it.

2. Get a pro to help you out. This does not mean you have to go buy and expensive gym membership OR an even more expensive personal trainer. There are many websites online that have demonstrations of "new" moves that you do not know yet and you can ask advice from personal trainers.

3. Try out different ways to workout. Working out does not mean you have to go to a hamster on a wheel at the gym. You can play basketball, go jogging, play with the dog … just about anything can turn in to a workout. I have a friend who is a personal trainer and every time she gets something out of the kitchen cabinet she does 10 calf raises (partly because she is so small and can not reach stuff in the cabinet lol). This just goes to show that every thing adds up. Over the course of the day you could easily do 100 calf raises. You gotta eat do not you?

4. Eat healthy. Well that is vague is not it? Let's make this simpler. Cut out some fast food. If you want to go hardcore, cut out fast food all together. If you eat fast food a couple times a week you will almost immediately lose a couple pounds just by doing this. Although it was really hard for me I stopped getting fries whenever I went out to eat and the results were STAGGERING for my weight loss. No one ever believes me, but after a couple weeks of not eating fast food, you will not want it because you feel so damn good you do not want all that greasy junk food in your body. I know it sounds crazy, but every one that has stopped the fast food intake has said the same thing.

5. Be consistent. What does this mean? It means if you plan on going to the gym Mon-Wed-Fri, GO! Just do it. If you decide to cut out fast food, DO IT! If you go out and splurge on a triple Big Mac with super size fries to get your fix, you are just fooling yourself with your goals. It takes a couple weeks to get used to going to the gym or skipping out on your super fancy coffee drink that has more calories than a Big Mac. Go through the withdrawal and thank me on the other side.

6. Stay motivated. This could mean many things. Having a personal trainer or friend keep you accountable. If you are on a diet, maybe this means you allow yourself one splurge day where you can eat whatever you want, but then the rest of the week YOU MUST stay on the diet. This works great for me because I know look forward to splurge day and it keeps me strong to skip the fudge sundaes through the week. Splurge days are great because your body can not process all the influx of calories so, although you may be "off the diet," you can basically eat as much as you want, and as long as you get back on the diet for the rest of the week, you're good. For more info on that, check out Timothy Ferris' book 'The 4-Hour Body.'

7. Track your progress. This really could go hand in hand with # 1. You have to know how well you're doing otherwise you will never achieve your goals. You will just look in the mirror and decide all willy nilly if your diet / exercise routine is working. Get a scale and also measure your body. It's actually quite simple to measure yourself and much more rewarding than a scale. By changing your diet you could drop inches in your waist and lose minor weight. You will be all upset that you have not "lost weight," but if you're fitting into your jeans better what does it matter?

Getting in shape really is not rocket science as long as you're consistent and you measure your goals. You can totally do this!


Source by Nick Mac

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