Going Solo – Fat Camp, Adults Only


Why would you consider taking your spouse or significant other to a fat camp adults only program? Companionship? To get him or her on the same page? Forget about it!

Going Solo: Fat Camp Adults Only

First of all, going to a residential camp is expensive. It could be anywhere from about $2,000 to upwards of $8,000+ for a week, depending on the specific facility. For most folks, that’s a chunk of change. Doubling the cost just for companionship is unnecessary, to say the least.

Secondly, the reality is that upon your return home you and you alone will need to be responsible for what goes in your mouth and how often. Sure, it certainly helps to have a supportive spouse but you need to step it up and take control of the situation for the long-term. That may mean by the way, that you just learn to live with your spouse continuing to eat certain “comfort foods” after you have given them up for good. That’s just the way it is, not the way you necessarily would want it to be.

Nevertheless, the most important reason for going solo is that it gives you the break from your daily routine and thus allows you to focus on you 24/7 for the week. At the end of the day, you won’t need companionship; you’ll be exhausted and you’ll need the time to just chill out and prepare for the next day of intense activity. Do you really want to hear your spouse complain about their aches and pains!

Going to a fat camp adults only program is treat and privilege that has the potential to dramatically change your life. Use the opportunity to leverage the experience into a significant lifestyle breakout for yourself first. Then you have the duty and responsibility to teach your spouse and kids.


Source by Kevin C. Myers

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