Hamster DIY – Making Toys For Your Furry Friend



Hamsters need things to play with, to keep them fit and happy. It's essential for their health and well-being, and of course watching them can be fun for you too. Especially if you make their toys yourself!

Generally speaking, it's up to you whatever you choose to go the route of buying all their toys, or trying your hand at making them. There are two exceptions: one is the hamster wheel, which compensates for their confinement by allowing them to run as much as they like – and they will actually clock up the miles. The fact that they are not getting anywhere does not seem to worry them! Also useful is the hamster ball, which allows them the run of the floor while inside it. Unless you are very clever with crafts, these are two things you'll need to buy.

Other than that, the choice of whether to buy or make toys really comes down to aesthetics. If you like everything ready-made, stylish and colorful, you're better off at the pet shop. But beware – there is no guarantee your Hamster will love what you bring home, and if your Multi-Story Hamster Igloo gets ignored, you may find yourself making additional trips. However, if you're prepared to go DIY for that rough and ready look, you'll be amazed at the number of ordinary things lying around the house that can be converted into playthings – that will keep Hammy amused for hours!

You do not even need to be good with your hands. With little adjustment, many common objects, so long as they are not made of toxic materials or retain traces of dangerous chemicals, can become tunnels, hideaways, or fun toys. Many find the simple cardboard tube from a toilet roll ideal.

Some things will work better than others, but the beauty of it is, you can experiment as much as you like. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Hideaway – any small cardboard box, such as a shoe, tissue, or cereal box, with one or more holes cut in the side as necessary. Try a flower pot or tin can on its side -watch for sharp edges. For dwarf hamsters, try an egg carton – you can cut holes along the side, or in the egg compartments for them to pop in and out of.

Climbing frame – cut a small branch from an apple tree or similar and stick it in the cage- he'll probably love to gnaw it as well.

Tunnels and mazes – cardboard tubes, plastic water bottles (cut ends off carefully) – can be attached together for long tunnels. Or just use roled up newspaper. You can create mazes by inserting the tubes into holes cut in boxes, connecting one to another.

Shredded paper – Empty your shredder and let your hamster have a romp in the paper strips.

Be safety conscious: always supervise your hamster while it amuses itself in this way. You could unwittingly create challenges that you have not foreseen, and you want to be right there if it gets itself into trouble. Apply precautionary common sense- structures should be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of a playful hamster on the go, without collapsing or tearing. Avoid using glue or tape if possible – but if you do, keep to a minimum and watch carefully that Hammy is not chewing on it.

Use your imagination – and you could end up envying your hamster as it enjoys its own amusement park – all made by you!


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