Hamster Facts You Need to Know

by Lee Pham
Pet Hamster Care - Are You Up to the Challenge?


If you're planning to get a hamster as a pet, it's absolutely important that you know the types of hamsters available in the market and familiarize yourself with great hamster facts. This will absolutely help you decide what type of hamster to get. Other than that, you'll also learn why such hamsters act that way.

Before we begin, let's take a brief description about these hamsters. Hamsters belong to the rodent group of animals whose lifespan averages in 1.5 to 2 years or more. The largest hamster measures about 13 inches long and the smallest were about 2 inches in length. The former weighs about 900 grams and the lighter weights around 100 grams. They have two front incisor teeth that normally appear white or yellow in their upper and lower jaw that they use to crack or open hard nuts and seeds. Generally, hamsters have stout body structures, small pointy ears, short tails, strong legs and wide feet. They also have cheek pouches that can be found on both sides of their heads falling to their shoulders that they use to store and carry food.

These cute creatures are crepuscular in nature, which simply means they're primarily active at dawn and at dusk. Since they're nocturnal, they're absolutely a good pet for people who are out most of the day. You also need to know that hamsters are color blind. They have very poor eyesight and depth perception that they can only see up to 6 inches in front of them. On the other hand, they have scent glands on their sides. They rub their flanks against various objects to leave their trails of smell and return home.

Hamsters only need to eat once a day. You may purchase their food at some pet stores. However, it is very important that you buy healthy meals. The quantity of food must only range from 1- 2 tablespoons. Since they're nocturnal, they're best fed during evenings. You may also give them some green leafy vegetables to ensure that they have good health. You also have the option of feeding them with fruits, corns, grasses, pulse crops, nuts and seeds.

There are 2 most common types of hamsters that you must know about. These hamsters are commonly domesticated and kept as pets. The most popular and the largest type of hamster is the Syrian Hamster. Its average measure is about 8 inches long and it's available in several different colors. Also known as the Golden Hamster, this type of hamster can live together with other Syrian hamsters as babies. However, one Syrian hamster needs to be separated from the others at about 6-8 weeks or else they'll fight to death.

The second major type of hamster is known as the Dwarf Hamster. You may also consider the Campbell's Dwarf Hamster, Roborovski Hamster, Winter White Dwarf Russian Hamster and Chinese Hamster as part of the dwarf hamsters. A Dwarf Hamster comes in fewer colors than a Syrian. A dwarf hamster can definitely live with other hamsters as it's more sociable and active. It's even known to be very inquisitive about its environment and livelier compared to the Syrian Hamster.

These are just some of the great hamster facts that you must know if you wanted to purchase hamsters. In the end, you'll certainly be very happy once you get to have at least one of these fascinating little creatures at your own place.


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