Healthcare Awareness of Employees



Everyday habits impact your employees’ lives significantly. These habits also impact your company significantly, since poor employee health is leading to increasing healthcare costs. The key to changing health care costs is changing health. The first step to a healthy company is awareness. The more aware your employees are, the more smoothly your benefits plan can be run.

Once awareness increases, the next step is education. The more employees know the better choices they will make. Only 36% of employees feel educated about their benefits, according to a recent study. It is difficult for employees to make decisions on their healthcare use if they don’t feel like they know enough about it. Regular communication (through newsletters or surveys from a broker or wellness provider) is a great way to keep your employees educated.

By educating your employees on the benefits plan, employees will know what they have. The same goes for everyday habits that lead to (or prevent) health issues.

Once employees are aware of the role they play in their own health and care, the better decisions they will make. These better decisions – healthy decisions will lead to increased productivity, decreased medical costs and eventually lower insurance premiums. The moral of the story is: increase employee awareness, educate them on your healthcare plan and ways they can impact their own health and the impact they have on costs for everyone in your company.

Healthcare is not just the responsibility of employers. While, health is not just the responsibility of employees. We are all responsible for both. Employees need to take ownership of their own health and employers need to help them do so. The more people know about their healthcare, the better they can use it and the better they can care for their own health. Companies that educate their employees are seeing the benefits in many ways. This is the way we have to go. Increased awareness and education with better decisions being made.


Source by Joseph R. Byrd

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