Healthy Eating to Lose Weight – Starts at Home


We all know that fruits, vegetables and exercise are the keys to healthy eating. We also know that it is much easier said than done.

All the health gurus tell you to cut out all carbohydrates from your diet, and then later they tell you that you’re at risk if you haven’t been eating enough carbohydrates. Are you sick of hearing all these contradictions? I was!

Here are a few good, simple tips that don’t necessarily require you to completely overhaul your lifestyle.

It is not always possible to get enough rest or sleep when you have a job and a family to take care of every day.

However, you need to schedule some down time you and your body. If your body is always in the stress mode, or you are constantly the rushing around. The body has trouble breaking down the fat in our bodies. Take 15 minutes a day just to relax your mind and body.

We all know that drinking water is very healthy for you, so it’s worth mentioning again. Drinking more water is one of the easiest (and cheapest) things to add to your routine during the day. Again keep it simple, I have three empty bottles of water at work and every day I fill them up and sit them on my desk and my goal is to finish each bottle before I go home. If I don’t its okay, I did the best I could, no Pressure.

Another easy way to change your eating habits is to pay attention to how much you are eating and what you are eating. Try to look at the food groups you are eating and make sure you are trying to eat a huge meal. If you eat the right foods and keep it moderate you will lose weight.

Also eating 4 or 5 smaller portions for you throughout the day is much healthier for you than trying to eat the whole a whole pound of pasta at one sitting. Eat in moderation.


Source by Ty Evans

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