Hemorrhoids Symptoms


Hemorrhoids symptoms can be either blatantly obvious or nothing at all. Every person is different as is every crop up. There are some signs that your hemorrhoids are flaring up that are very obvious, such as boring, burning, itching, and swelling in the rectum. Other not so obvious signs are a hard time with bowel movements or constipation. Other signs are also some minor and intermittent pain in the rectal area. If you are in question if what you have are hemorrhoids or some other medical condition you should contact your doctor for an appointment for a diagnosis.

What Type Do You Have

There are two different types of hemorrhoids. Each type comes with its own set of hemorrhoids symptoms. Internal piles are less likely to cause severe pain, burning, or irritation as much as the external type does. Most likely you will feel the piles in the rectal cavity or have some discomfort when relieving your bowels. When you suffer from external hemorrhoids it is very hard press to not notice. Usually you will have severe burning along with the swapping of tissue. Itching tends to be one of the most intense types and can drive sufferers mad. External hemorrhoids also tend to come with a lot pain due to the external placement. One tends to irritate and do more damage to the piles as they sit, walk, and use the bathroom.

What To Expect

When you first get a hint of hemorrhoids symptoms you may question whether or not this is really a crop up or some other issue coming up. First you may notice the itching. Veins tend to get leaky when you are getting hemorrhoids. It is a way for the body to try and get rid of extra fluid due to swelling. Your anus or rectum may feel inflamed, hot, and painful to the touch. If you begin to feel the bulge of the tissue swelling then you can bet that hemorrhoids are the problem and not some other. Make sure to do a gentle cleansing with hot water and soap to the area to make sure that it is not related to debris.

How to Find Relief

Once you know that the hemorrhoids symptoms were in fact piles coming, you will want to find relief as soon as possible. No one wants to get a full blown attack if they can help it. Once the first real noticeable symptom takes place it is important to try to alleviate the swapping fast. This can be done in several ways. You can use sitz baths, ice packs, creams, gels, and suppositories. Usually a combination of a few things at once is most effective. The reason to target the swapping first is because that is what causes the rest of the symptoms. Also, most of the remedies to reduce swelling either helps in itching and burning or they treat them as well. Make sure to try and reduce the pressure executed on the rectum while there is a flair up. This can be done using stool softeners or an enema.


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