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When we have elderly people at home who needs all time medical care we depend on Home Healthcare products rather than rushing to hospital or doctor frequently for a simple check up or any kind of regular medical support. Scientific researches have made it easy for us. Today we have unlimited ranges of products available to choose from according to our need and budget.

Let’s take a look at the top common products that are needed frequently and used widely and are easily available. The first is a blood pressure monitor. It checks systolic, diastolic pressure and pulse rate. It usually has a display screen to show the reading. Many modern machines store as many as 60 readings, which mean we can monitor the improvements for 2 months at least. Companies are even attaching alarm clock facility with it to remind the patient for regular check up of blood pressure. Sphygmomanometers are also used for the same purpose. Only the look of the device and the way it measures the blood pressure is different.

The second thing that is used is a complete blood analyzer. There is a kit available for analyzing blood. It measures blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, Triglycerides, ketone, etc. The complete solution for any blood test related needs. Third we have the digital thermometer. It displays the temperature in just 10 seconds and gives a beep sound when done. Glucose monitoring devices are also used. In case of diabetic patient, regular measurement of blood glucose is very important. The device collects the blood by piercing the finger tip and within few seconds the result will be shown in the digital display screen.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices measure glucose in the tissue fluid in case of acute diabetes mellitus. There is a sensor attached to it that continuously measure glucose level.

Some people use insulin delivery devices. Ranges of products include insulin syringes, insulin pens, insulin injectors, insulin pumps. The main purpose of all these products is to administer insulin to the patient’s body in case patient has insulin deficiency and advised to take insulin by doctor.

Inhalation devices could be purchased as well. The types of devices available are MDI, MDI & Spacer, Turbuhaler, Nebulizer, Handihaler, Diskus etc. These devices are great support for the asthma patients anywhere, anytime. You may even need to consider acupuncture needles. These are needed for physiotherapy treatments and can be used at home.

An electronic pill dispenser has alarms to alert patient at the time of medication, selects the pill and dose and doesn’t repeat in case any dose is missed. Arthritis and orthopedic aids can be wonderful for some patients. When any organ is injured it makes all daily, easy tasks tougher for us. Arthritis aids products help us do our work on our own at home. These products include dressing aid, button hook & zipper pull, food bumper, hip kit, special utensils, bathroom aids, arm support, mobility aids, heel protectors, pedal support & exerciser, elbow protector, pill crusher etc.

There are many more products in the market and the ranges are huge. Home Healthcare solutions are really helpful for long term treatment phase. These products reduce the time we spend running to hospital or visiting a doctor or therapist and all these are cost effective too when long term need is there.


Source by Christine Crotts

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