Hormone Imbalances and Memory Problems



Hormonal levels may affect the brain functions of people especially among women. Some of them may start to worry about developing Alzheimer’s or other problems that affect the memory like dementia. People who may find it a little difficult to remember even simple things that they are doing at the moment like when cooking or forgetting where they have placed their car keys may need to undergo medical check-up. They have to make sure about the cause of the problem so that they may be able to address it properly through the help of medical experts.

Women may for example undergo hormonal therapy in case they need it especially those who are in their menopausal stage already. They should not take memory lapses as just normal because it may affect their memory functions if it progresses. Estrogen levels are responsible in regulating the cortisol levels. This in turn affects how the neurotransmitters functions in relaying the information from one brain cell to another. When estrogen levels go down, the neurotransmitters may not be able to function properly and this may result to lapses in memory.

Women though should not jump to conclusions that they need to undergo hormonal therapy because they are having problems with memory lapses. There might be some other health problems that are causing the memory loss such as asthma, blocked arteries in which less oxygen is reaching the brain. They may also be suffering from heart diseases which lessen the blood flow that carries oxygen to the various parts of the body including the brain. Other illnesses like liver and kidney failure, lung infections and urinary infections may also affect the amount of oxygen that is circulating in the body and into the brain. All of these may contribute to memory problems aside from hormonal imbalances that women usually experience.

Men and women alike have to go for medical check-ups to determine the cause of their memory problems. Tests may help medical professionals to rule out possible causes and people may be able to do something about their memory lapses. At least doctors will be able to guide their patients in case they are able to diagnose possible problems like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Likewise, women who are suffering from hormonal imbalances may be able to work on their health problems not only through medication but through their diet and lifestyle modification. They may also include some brain activities each day in order to keep their brains working at its maximum capacity.


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