How to Choose a Healthy Fat


Nowadays, everybody knows that you can lose body fat by cutting dietary fats and carbs. What about the fats that your body needs and sometimes craves? Though a low-carb, high protein, low fat diet is a great option for fat-loss, it may not an effective long-term nutritional plan for many people. A healthy fat can be a sustaining source of energy for the body. It can provide the extra kick you need to get in a good workout after a long day at the job. If you choose your fats wisely, they can have many positive effects on the body.

Fish Oils (Salmon, Tuna and other Marine Oils): These can reduce the risk of CHD and also maintain good mental and visual function.

Salad Oils: Olive oil, grape seed oil and walnut oil and all, healthy delicious options. They can also help maintain good heart health.

Walnuts and Flax: Also great for heart health. Flax seed can reduce your bad cholesterol.

Almonds and Hazelnuts: May reduce cell damage, improve heart health and boost your immune system.

When you are first starting out, it is often useful to enlist the help of a professiona to help set up guidelines for healthy eating.  If you are trying to maintain a low fat diet, be careful of having too many of these because they tend to also be high in calories. However, by monitoring your intake to these healthy fats, you can improve your health, curb your fatty cravings and avoid too many calories and increasing body fat.


Source by Chris Keith

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