How to Deal With Border Collie Whining


Border collies don’t make many different sounds, but all of them signify something. If your dog is whining, than he must need something, whine for attention or because he misses you or some other pet who maybe died or ran from home. Whining is regarded as a major problem by dog owners. This is mainly because stopping it is one of the most difficult things to be done when trying to train a dog. Training can be effective if it starts early, but older dogs can be trained too regarding this matter. In order to deal with a border collie whining problem, the first thing you need to do is to understand the reason of whining. After this mystery is elucidated, more can be done for fixing the problem.

Dogs whine because they want to show what’s bothering them. Just like people cry, border collies whine. They might try to say that they’re upset, in pain or maybe scared. Usually, this is a behavioral response to being upset or feeling abandoned by the pack. However, as your border collie probably has never been part of a pack, neither has he whined before and started suddenly to do this, he is probably sick, hurt or upset about something that you’ve done. If you observe that your dog is hurt in some way and doesn’t act like he used to do, get him to the vet, and the whining will stop as soon as his health problem is fixed. However, if you see that your border collie whines even though he isn’t hurt, then his problem must be related to a feeling of abandonment or fear, case in which the whining functions as a rescue alarm. Don’t punish him in order to curb his behavior, as this will only increase the feeling of anxiety he has. In exchange, try and train both him and also yourself. This will have a greater effect than punishment could ever have.

The whining can also occur in cases where the border collie misses you. If this is the case, teach him to accept short periods of time with you away. Increase these time periods until your dog gets used to the idea that from time to time he will be left home alone. Start this training procedure by getting the dog used to the area where he will be left alone. After playing with him, leave him alone for a few moments in order to see how he reacts. If he starts whining, this sound will probably hurt you. Therefore, this is a big challenge for you too. Don’t come back in the room under no circumstances, because if you do that your dog will observe how he can emotionally blackmail you, and his whining will never stop.

You have to work hard not only in what concerns your loved border collie, but also in what concerns you. When training the dog, if the whining doesn’t stop in a few minutes, then you should enter the room in which you left him. This way you’ll let him know that you’re the boss and that you’ll return whenever you want to, and not when he’s asking you. If he still whines even after you returned to the room, you should keep playing with him for a little bit longer until he stops. After a couple of times of doing this, you’ll observe how the whining decreases. If it doesn’t, look straight into your border collie’s eyes and tell him a straight ‘no’. Praise him if he listens to you and continue the process until the whining stops for good. If, though, the whining happens when you’re in the house with him, it means that he thrives for attention or because he wants to play.


Source by Nelly Katz

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