How to Handle Your Dog During His Health Examination


No dog owner likes a sick pet. Dog health issues can be treated during an examination. You however have a role to play during an examination and this article will prove beneficial in that respect.

Many dogs are extremely nervous and fidgety during examinations. This nervousness or restlessness interferes with the check up and therefore your assistance in restraining your dog will be of great help.

The first thing required of you is to have some level of control over your pet usually by means of a leash. It will also be beneficial if you have some voice commands it listens to.

During examination, if you notice your dog is being uncooperative, try distracting your dog by scratching behind her ears. This will divert your pet from deliberately scuttling her examination.

However, there are obedient dogs who remains calm and restrained under examination. Such dogs should be praised by patting the shoulder or the body. Or, you can even provide some treats for fine behavior. Your dog’s behavior is all dependent on the dog training received before or after treatment

Muzzles are required in the event the dog is proving extremely uncooperative or turns violent. Here, you the owner can assist the vet in preventing your dog from exhibiting undesirable behavior.

Another device that can be used to restrain the dog is an electronic gadget that emits sound only audible to dogs. This will go a long way in distracting your pet and enable the vet carry out the examination.

It is advisable that muzzles are worn when giving your dog injections due to the pain associated with them. Your presence and your touch can be comforting to your pet.

So the next time your dog is being examined, remember to apply the above instructions. I know you will.


Source by Ariyo Akinlosotu

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