How to Have a Healthy Ferret With the Proper Ferrets Care


It really does not take too much to raise a healthy ferret. The key is understanding exactly how to accomplish that. If you provide them with what they need to maintain their health and safety and keep them away from the things that are harmful to ferrets you will do just fine. Ferrets care is not rocket science, however, there are a few things you must know.

The main things that ensure a happy and healthy ferret are their diet, allowing them enough social interaction and exercise, and taking them to the vet periodically. If you follow these tips you should be able to enjoy a long and happy life with your ferret.

What you feed your ferret speaks volumes in how healthy he will be. Food is probably the largest obstacle that can mess up your ferret and cause him to be unhealthy. Their food intake must be that of a high quality ferret food and should not be changed frequently or at all, if possible. It is important to always make sure that your ferret's food is a priority. Determining a good quality ferret food begins with understanding that ferrets are carnivores and they primarily eat meat.

Treats are unnecessary for ferrets but often owners enjoy splurging a bit. If this is the case, the snacks must also be healthy and should consist of cooked eggs or poultry. Under no circumstances should your ferret ever be offered fruits or vegetables, sweets or fish. These foods are just asking for trouble because the ferret has an exceptionally sensitive digestive tract.

Ferrets adore sleep time and they love to snuggle up and be cozy but they also need time to run free. Three hours per day is the minimum that any ferret should have outside of his cage. Here's the catch, ferrets have a tendency to get themselves in trouble when they are playing so they need to be nearly monitored while they are free. They like getting into small places where they can get lost or have a difficult time getting out of. Ferrets are extremely intelligent and love to use their smarts with a variety of toys.

It is very important that your ferret have a nice big cage. The reason for this is that inside of this cage you will put his litter box, his food and water, some toys, and sleeping accessories such as hammocks and sleep sacks. In addition, the ferret needs room to run around a bit. A ferret that has all of these things cramped up together will become depressed and withdrawn. This will cause your ferret to suffer from numerous unnecessary health problems. Multiple ferrets require even more room and multi level cages seem to work best.

These things should be taken into consideration prior to bringing a ferret home. As you can see it is not a lot of effort to apply these tips to make sure that you have a healthy and well rounded ferret. At least if you do a little homework in advance and believe that ferret ownership does not sound like something you are up to then it is better to find out sooner than later.


Source by Chaim Packer

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