How to Hypnotize Someone Into Having Sex With You


Would you like to learn how to hypnotize someone into having sex with you? In this short article I am going to explain how you can achieve this.

You might think that it is difficult or even impossible to learn how to hypnotize someone into having sex with you, but trust me it is actually very easy once you learn how. Our minds are extremely susceptible to trance and we actually go in and out of trances all day without us even knowing.

Have you ever been driving somewhere and suddenly arrived at your destination without being able to remember how you got there? This is because your mind “zoned out” and went into a trance. Most people do this all day and if you learn how to control and take advantage of it, you can pretty much get anyone to do anything you want them to. Including have sex with you.

First step in learning how to hypnotize someone into having sex with you is to learn how to get rapport with them. Rapport can be defined as a deep connection of mutual understanding and trust between two people. After you have built this connection with a person you can then begin to use embedded commands on them.

An embedded command is a direct instruction to a person’s subconscious. It is hidden in an ordinary sentence and your subject will never know that you are commanding them. Here is an example, “Have you ever felt an instantaneous connection with someone? Like maybe as you were there looking at them and you started to listen intently”

In this example the embedded command is, “Listen intently” and you would “mark it out” by pausing before hand and slightly lowering the tone of your voice. In this sentence their person’s subconscious would hear, “Listen intently” and they would then begin concentrating far harder on what you are saying.

Just imagine all the other juicy possibilities of using embedded commands. You could probably get into some seriously exciting situations!!! What I have taught you today is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using covert and conversational hypnosis.


Source by David St. Claire

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