How to Minimize the Symptoms of Eczema – Hints to Clear the Skin


Even if you are not sure of what triggers the symptoms of eczema and results in the skin reddening, getting blisters, having patches and sometimes blisters, there are still steps you can take to minimize the troublesome skin condition.

Be sure you clean your house well in case there are dust mites or particles in the rugs or curtains you are having reaction to. You may be having a visceral response to these factors. There is patch testing available by allergists to identify the causative triggers.

When you take your bath or shower, do not use very hot water. This is an initial adjustment because of habit, but for eczema skin it can be too drying and result in peeling, flaking and further skin irritation. Always apply your moisturizer immediately after this before the skin dries. Apply cold compresses during the day as needed.

File your nails after you cut them short so that any unconscious scratching will not irritate your skin. Scratching a rash is dangerous because the nails hold germs, plus rupturing the rash can take longer to heal. When there is a bacterial infection on top of the eczema symptoms, it makes it difficult for doctors to do an accurate diagnosis.

Replace products used in your home with those made for sensitive skin. This includes your laundry detergent, body soap, skin moisturizers and cosmetics. Look at your cleaning products to check the ingredients and if necessary switch to gentler ingredients to protect your skin. I saw some skin infection reduction taking this step.

Be proactive in curing your eczema skin even if you are not totally sure of the main culprits. This can also help you to increase your daily energy and beat a discouraged mood. It's important to keep your confidence up while you work on clearing your skin as it is easy to get into a state of frustration.


Source by Dee Cohen

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