How to Prevent Acne – The 6 Foods You Need


In maintaining clear skin, you will have to prevent acne outbreaks and get rid of the already grown pimples. The factor that is mostly neglected is the foods that you eat, but this is actually one of the essential things you have to consider if you really want to have clearer skin. So, what foods can help acne? Knowing this is very important and can help you help your skin, which in return will help your confidence and self esteem.

So, how to prevent acne ? Here are what foods can help:


This is not actually considered as food, but it certainly goes with food. If you are able to take enough water everyday, it will help you absorb the nutrients from the foods that you need in order to help acne. Not to mention that water will help you flush out the toxins that cause acne and it will keep your skin hydrated.


Now, for the actual foods that will help acne; fruits have proven to be very helpful in acne problems. Not only will this help keep you from eating too much artificial sugary foods, but this will help your body get healthy. Try making smoothies out of them, they will not only be easier to eat, but your body will be able to absorb the nutrient better as well.


This goes without saying, vegetables are gravely important in maintaining proper diet. Green leafy vegetables are proven to help get clear skin, as well as prevent acne. So, it's good to keep green vegetables in your diet.


Fish is one of the most helpful foods when you are trying to resolve acne problems. Fish has very high Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. These are very effective in acne treatment. Fish oil is one of the best oils that will benefit, not only your face, but your mind and body. As you have a healthy mind and body, you will be able to prevent pimple outbreaks because you will be able to manage stress easier.

Whole Grains

Filled with high content of antioxidants, whole grains are recommended in acne treatment. Antioxidants are essential in maintaining healthy skin, because it rejuvenates your facial qualities. But do not think that coffee is a good alternative for antioxidants, they are rich of it, but the caffeine is very harmful to your face. Drink tea instead.


As you all know, tea is high in antioxidants as well, with only minimal caffeine. Green tea is recommended to reduce caffeine in intake while getting lots of antioxidants.

These are all you need to know on what foods can help acne. If you can get enough of the recommended nutrients found in these foods, acne treatment will be easier. No one wants to get acne because of the food they eat, so always eat smart.


Source by Tad Millerston

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