How to Treat Milia

by Lee Pham
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Milia are small white or yellow spots which often appear around the eye and look rather unsightly. It is not uncommon for them to appear on the eyelids and on the cheeks and are usually relatively small. There is no definite cause of the spots and it is not understood why they appear on some people and not on others. It is not believed that they are caused by poor hygiene or any other external factor.

Milia are small cysts filled with a protein substance which provides strength to the skin, called keratin. Milia is not something to be too concerned about and if you arent disturbed by your appearance you need not treat it.

Should you feel the need to treat it however and I would recommend you do, here are some tips that helped me rid the horrible little things.

1) Fill a bowl or a sink with hot water (the temperature should be hot, but comfortable for you) and soak your face cloth. Quickly ring it out and place it over your face until it goes cold, repeat this a few times. This little trick got rid of ALL my milia within a week, it didnt happen straight away but they were drawn out over the week. This little facial sauna will open the pores and help shift not just milia, but any unwanted dirt that's lingering around.

2) The second thing you can do is exfoliate your face using an exfoliating facial scrub. This will remove the top layer of skin which may cause the milia to drop out on its own. The kind of facial scrub you need would be for treating mild acne and it is often stated that those containing salicylic acid will show the best results. It is very important to consult a pharmacist if you are unsure as to which one would be most suitable for you.

On a separate note, it is of paramount importance that you resist the over whelming temptation to pick at the milia. I thought that by picking at them I could pull them off but it left me with a little scar thats really quite big for the size of the spot! You may also introduce an infection to the area which will leave your skin in an even worse state than before.

If you need any more information, you may want to get in touch with your local beautician who will be able to recommend lotions and products to help you shift them. Its also a good excuse to book a little facial while your there! Go on, you deserve it !!!


Source by Thomas Coyle

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